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Deceptively powerful and stunningly beautiful, this monumental leap forward in conveying information effectively has always been right there in front of us, waiting to be unlocked, hiding in plain sight. All it took was the convergence of human ingenuity, artificial intelligence, and the rise of a medium capable of magic.

Welcome to The Age of “Smart Information”.


bigquoteVisionary and pioneering, this book will be impactful for the spatial computing industry. Mike is one of the deep thinkers I turn to in order to better understand the seismic shift in communications and content that is upon us...”
– Cathy Hackl
Chief Metaverse Officer, Journey; Forbes columnist

bigquote A twenty-second century treasure map arriving via pneumatic tube, sent by the time lords. This book frames the future of information science. Read, absorb, and be amazed.”
– Tony Parisi
Chief Strategy Officer, LAMINA1. Industry legend

bigquoteA must-read for anyone curious about where the future of communication and collaboration is headed. Pell articulates it with such clarity and style.”
– Lauren Xandra
Vice President - Marketing, Two Sigma Ventures

bigquoteInspiring vision for the future of information and our most vital and humble communications tool – text.”
– Charlie Fink
Forbes Columnist, Professor, Author

bigquotePell thoughtfully describes the way emergent tech and AI will shape our future lives — from the micro-level to the systemic — and gives us a path we can follow to ensure a better tomorrow!”
– Brittan Heller
Technology and Human Rights Fellow, Harvard


The Smart Information revolution started with a simple idea – no more “dead pixels”. Our most important content could no longer be static and disconnected. We instead choose to surface the universe of connections, stories, data, and emotions that are normally invisible to us. The Smart Information construct was designed to convey its essence, relationships, and value at multiple levels of detail, inherently.

Freed from its rigid containers, content adapts itself effortlessly to the optimal way we choose to consume it based on our current context and preference. Designed to be explored, combined, and enhanced, this flexible information container is made possible through next gen creation tools and intelligent playback platforms that work together to anticipate the most predictable trait of people – curiosity.

“The beauty we seek is not found in first impressions, but in the way the truth reveals itself.” – M. Pell

The impact of re-engineering how our thoughts and ideas are conveyed in this way is as dramatic as when we first moved from still photographs to motion pictures at the start of the twentieth century. The opportunities that exist for us to reinvent how we create, transmit, and experience information are unprecedented and boundless.



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FOREWORD by Charlie Fink  [read now]

INTRODUCTION – Revolution Calling  [read now]


01. It’s Alive!
02. Surfacing the Invisible
03. The Moment of Clarity [ read now ]


04. Dimensional Design
05. Ambient Intelligence
06. Experiential Ethics [ read now ]


07. Information Objects
08. Advanced Technology
09. Platforms + Tools


10. Smart Data [ read now ]
11. Smarter People
12. Smartest World








Bold, insightful, and uncompromising, M. Pell is recognized as a thought leader in the fields of Holographic Envisioning and Smart Information. Pell’s first design book “Envisioning Holograms” is considered a must-have for tomorrow’s most influential storytellers and explorers. His new book “The Age of Smart Information” details how the fundamental nature of information is transforming thanks to combination of AI + XR.

Pell leads Design for The Microsoft Garage, the company’s outlet for experimental projects and curiosity-fueled explorations worldwide.

As a lifelong Designer/Coder, he has consistently been on the leading edge of design and innovation over his thirty-years in high-technology. Career highlights include creating the original Adobe Acrobat and PDF, working with Pixar to pioneer 3D type generation with RenderMan, developing a rapid design methodology called Fast Design, and being the inventor on over a dozen U.S. Patents. Pell’s evolution from intrepid entrepreneur, to VC-backed startup veteran, to corporate man for Adobe and Microsoft has given him a unique perspective on how to combine business, experience, and technology to create breakthrough experience.

More about M. Pell at https://Mike-Pell.com


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